Private Equity & Acquisition

We are a private equity group specialising in acquiring owner-managed private businesses whose revenues are typically between £500k-£10m

AEIM Group is a privately owned investment vehicle established to help the owners of Owner Managed Businesses find a way to exit their companies with the best possible value for you as the seller and us as the acquirer.

We are primarily interested in acquiring good, profitable companies with a solid second tier management structure in place, where the owners are ready to move onto their next phase or project. 


We want to build on the existing success of the business rather than merge and amalgamate, we see value in a diverse portfolio of companies who are able to deliver excellent services for their customers..

You may be ready or overdue for retirement and can’t find a way or someone to pass the business onto, or simply have a desire to work within the business to continue its growth and development without the stress of being the owner.


You may be facing a sudden and life changing event such as illness or bereavement and have an urgent need to sell.  We can move quickly to support you and will work closely with you to ease the transition.

Looking for Investment and Help?

You may be the owner of a business that is underperforming or not reaching its full potential.  You realise additional skills and knowledge may be needed to be able to drive the business forward.  It might be lack of funding, or a requirement for investment in management, structure and organisational process and systems. 

AEIM Group combines:

  • The expertise, access to capital and financing, and the ability to close quickly on the right deal.

  • We have a strong team and supporting network of business and growth experts with successful track records. 

What We Do


An overview of what AEIM Group is and how we can support your business.

About Us

Meet the team and find out more about us.


Selling Your Business

An overview of the process and how working with AEIM Group will benefit your business.



We are a private equity group specialising in acquiring owner-managed private businesses whose revenues are typically between £500k-£10m

We’re committed to generating significant growth and added value through the acquisition and consolidation of owner managed companies engaged in all aspects of outsourced business services and Facilities Management

We work with OMB's to realise the value of their business


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