Business Investments

We are NOT brokers, we buy and grow businesses to allow them to reach their full potential.


We have the experience and capability to assess and make an offer for your business swiftly – often within days of the first contact.  


Like you, we fully understand that a business can be the biggest asset that people own and as such selling your business should be treated with care and consideration.  It is important to us that we treat each potential acquisition as unique and we listen carefully to your requirements, ensuring that a plan is tailored meet the objectives of both parties and that a successful outcome is achieved.

We understand that the legacy and team that you have built over many years is very important for the good name and reputation of the business – this is key for us too as it allows us to build on your success not reinvent it.  

Finance and Deal Structures

We are specialists in crafting and financing “win-win” deals to allow the owners of private companies to exit in the right way.

We have access to finance from private equity funds, a wide range of commercial funders and  a network of high net worth investors.

In the current economic climate, virtually all private businesses are bought in two phases:

An initial payment normally paid within 3 days of legal completion and then a portion of the agreed sale price on a deferred basis, typically between 12-36 months.

The reasons why there is a deferred portion are:

1. Our panel of funders and investors will not allow us to pay all of the value up front because of the risks associated with private businesses, especially in these difficult times.

2. A deferred portion keeps vendors honest.  No offence but when a vendor knows he must be honest about future value, his interests are aligned with us as a buyer.

We focus on ensuring as much of the cash you have built up in your business is returned to you at the point of completion.  Please be cautious when your advisor who tells you to take any spare cash out prior to a sale, this will be detrimental to your business.  Ask us why.


We assess the historic performance of the business as well as the prospects over the next four to five years to determine the potential level of investment that we are prepared to provide.  If your business sounds like this then we should talk.